International Standardisation Institute (ISO)

E-mail : central@iso.org

Internet : www.iso.org


Trade Division - Agricultural Standard Unit

E-mail : info.ece@unece.org

Internet : www.unece.org

Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Programme


E-mail : fao-hq@fao.org

Internet : www.fao.org

Comite Europeen de Normalisation (CEN)

European Normalisation Committee

E-mail : infodesk@cenorm.be

Internet : www.cenorm.be

SGS European Quality Certification Institute E.E.S.V.

E-mail : sgs.nl@sgs.com

Internet : www.sgs.nl

Association Francaise de Normalisation (AFNOR)

E-mail : norminfo@afnor.fr

Intenet : www.afnor.fr

Deutsches Institut fur Normung eV (DIN)

E-mail : postmaster@din.de

Internet : www.din.de

Ente Nazionale Italiano di Unficazione (UNI)

E-mail : uni@uni.com

Internet : www.unicei.it

Nederland Normalisatie Institute (NNI)

Address : P.O.Box 5059,2600 GB Delft, The Netherland

Telephone : +31(0)15 2690390

Fax : +31 (0) 15 2690190

E-mail : info@nni.nl

Internet : www.nni.nl

British Standards Institution (BSI)

E-mail : info@bsi-global.com

Internet : www.bsi-global.com


Freshfel Europ

European Association for the fresh produce industry

E-mail : info@freshfel.org

Internet : www.freshfel.org


European Union of the Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale

Import and Export Trade

Fax : +32 (0)2 7321747

E-mail : eucofel.fruittrade.org@skynet.be

Groupement Europeen des Producteurs de Champignons (GEPC)

Federation of European Mushroom Growers

Telephone : +33 (0)1 42360329

Fax : +33 (0)1 42362693

Osterreichische Vereinigung fr Obst- and Gemseunternehmen (OVOG)

Austrian Fruit and  Vegetable Association

Telephone:  +43 (0)1 5128459

Fax:  +43(0)1 5139446

E-mail: kaukaI@netway.at

National Fruit and Vegetables Importers. Exporters and Wholesalers Union

Telephone: +32 (0)2 2159050

Fax: +32 (0)2 2156863

E-mail: nufeg@skynet.be

Finnish Food Marketing Association (FFMA)

E-mail: info@pty.fi

Internet : www.pty.fi

Fdration Franaise des Importateurs de Fruits et Legumes (FFIFL) and

Chambre Syndicale des Importateurs Franais (CSIF

French Federation   of Importers of Fruit and Vegetables

Telephone : +33 (0)1 45607280

Fax : +33 (0)1 46753631

E-mail:  fifl@wanadoo.fr

Association Interprofessionelle des Fruits et Legumes Frais (INTERFEL)

E-mail:  infos@interfel.com

Internet: www.interfel.com

Federation Nationale des Syndicates Agricoles de

Cultiveur de Champignons (FNSACC)

French Mushroom  Growers Federation

Telephone: +33 (0)1 42360329

Fax: +33 (0)1 42362693

Naturland-Verband fr naturgemaBen Landbau e.V.

Germanys Naturland association for organic agriculture

E-mail: naturlanda@naturland.de

Internet:  www.naturland.de

Deutsche Fruchthandelsverband e.V.(DFHV)

Association of the German Fruit Trade

E-mail: bonn@dfhv.de

Internet: www.dfhv.de

The Wholesale Fruit, Potato and Produce Mercharts

Association of Ireland Ltd.

Telephone: +353 (0)1 2897959

Fax: +353 (0)1 288 6406

Associazione N azionale Esportatori Importatori

   Ortofrutticoli e Agru marl (ANEIOA)

 National Association of Fruit and Vegetable Importers and Exporters

E-mail: aneioarm@tin.it

Internet: web.tin.it/aneioa

Associazione Nazion ale Importatori Prodotti

Ortofrutticoli (ANIPO)

National Association of Importers of Horticultural

Telephone: +39 06 7726401

Fax: +39 06 7004428

E-mail:  anipo@confcommercio.it

The Greenery B.V

Marketing and sales organisation

E-mail: info@thegreenery.com

Internet: www.thegreenery.com

Voorlichtingsbureau Groenten en Fruit

The General Promotion Office for Dutch and Imported and Vegetables

E-mail: vgfi@vgf.info

Internet: www.groentenenfruit.nl

Productschap Tuinbouw

Netherlands Commodity Board for Horticulture

E-mail: pt@minbouw.n1

Internet: www.tuinbouw.nl

Frugi Yenta

Netherlands Platform of Fruit and Vegetable Traders

E-mail: info@frugiventa.nl

Internet: www.frugiventa.nI

Federacin Espaola de asociaciones de Productores

Exportadores de frutas, hortalizas, fibres y plantas vivas (FEPEX)

E-mail: fepex@fepex.es

Internet:  www.fepex.es

Swedish Fruit and Vegetables Distributors

Internet:  http://www.sfg.se

Schweizerischer Obstverband

Swiss Fruit Association

E-mail: sov@swjssfruit.ch

Internet:  www.swissfruit.ch

Fresh Produce Consortium (UK)

E-mail: info@freshproduce.org.uk

Internet: www.freshproduce.org.uk

Mushroom Growers Association for Great Britain and

Northern Ireland   (MGA)

E-mail: info@mushgrowersassoc.fsnet.co.uk

Internet:  www.mushgrowersassoc.fsnet.co.uk


International Trade Centre UNCTADIWTO (ITC)

E-mail:  itcreg@intracen.org

Internet: www.intracen.org

Services des Nouvelles des Marches (SNM)

E-mail: cat@snm.agriculture.gouvfr

Internet:  www.snm.agriculture.gouv.fr

Association Interprofessionelle des Fruits et Legumes


        E-mail:  infos@interfeI.com

        Internet:  www.interfel.com

Zentrale Markt- und Preisberichtstelle fr Erzeugnisse der

Land-. Forst- und Ernahrungswirtschaft GmbH (Z%IP)

        E-mail:  info@zmp.de

         Internet: www.zmp.de

Productschap Tuinbouw

Netherlands' Commodity Board for Horticulture

        E-mail:  pt@tuinbouw.nl

        Internet:  www.tuinbouw.nl



One of the leading trade fairs for the food and drink industry


Frequency, date: biennial, 11 - 15 October 2003

Location: Cologne. Germany

E-mail: anuga@koe1nmesse.de

Internet: wwwanuga.com

Fruit Logistica

International show for industries involved in fruit tradine: developing countries offering exotics are a special target groups

Frequency date: annual, 5 - 7 February 2004

Location: Berlin. Germany

E-mail: central@messe-berlin.de

Internet: www.fruitlogistica.com

Salon International de LAlimentation (SIAL)

Trade exhibition for the food industry

Frequency, date: biennial, 17 - 21 October 2004

Location:  Paris, France

E-mail:  sial@sial.fr

Internet : www.sial.fr


Platform for international trading in fruit and vegetables

Frequency, date: biennial 15 - 17 September 2003

Location:  Rotterdam, The Netherlands

E-mail: info@agftotaal.nl

Internet: www.agftotaal.nl


International food and beverages exhibtion

Frequency,date : binnial, 8-12-March 2004

Location : Barcelona, Spain

E-mail : alimentaria@alimentaria.com

Internet : www.alimentaria.com


International food and drink exhibition

Frequency. date: biennial, 2003

Location: London, United Kingdom

E-mail: ife@freshrm.co.uk

Internet: www.ife.co.uk



Language: French, English

Main subjects: (tropical) fruit, vegetables, prices, regulations.

Frequency: monthly publication

Internet: www.carad.fr

Fruits Legumes Distribution (FLD)

Language: French

Main subjects: fruit, vegetables and their distribution

Frequency: weekly publication

E-mail: omasbou@siac.fr

Internet: www.siac.fr


Language: German

Main subjects: fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, dried fruit and potatoes

Frequency: weekly publication

E-mail: info@fruchthandel.de

Internet: www.fruchthandel.de

Vakblad AGF

Language: Netherlands

Main subjects: wide variety of topics on the fruit and

vegetable trade

Frequency: weekly publication

E-mail: redactie@vakbladagf.nl

Internet: www.vakbladagf.nl


Languages: Dutch and French, in some editions also

English and German

Main subjects: fresh fruit and vegetables trade within Europe

Telephone: +31 (0)113 230621

Fax: +31 (0)113 230865

E-mail: primeur@zeelandnet.nl

Horticultura & Internacional

Language: Spanish

Main subjects: international horticultural trade and techniques

Frequency: monthly publication

E-mail: horticom@ediho.es

Inernet: www.horticom.com

Valencia Fruits

Language: Spanish

Main subjects: fresh fruit and vegetables in the Spanish market

Frequency: weekly publication

E-mail: info@valenciafruits.com

Internet: www.valenciafruits.com

Fresh Produce Journal

Language: English

Main subjects: news and services for fresh fruit and vegetables businesses in the UK and its supplying countries

Frequency: weekly publication

E-mail: info@fpj.co.uk

Internet: www.freshinfo.com


Language: English

Main subjects: international market for fresh fruit and vegetables

Frequency: monthly publication

E-mail: info@fruitnet.com

Internet: www.eurofruitmagazine.com

Fruit and Vegetable Markets

Language: English

Main subjects: fresh and processed fruit and vegetables in the European and international markets

Frequency: monthly publication

E-mail: marketing@agra-net.com

Internet: www.agra-net.com

Fruit World International

Language: English, German, French

Main subjects: fresh fruit and vegetables worldwide

Frequency: quarterly publication

E-mail: adve@agropress.com

Internet: www.agropress.com


Demeter International

E-mail: demeterinternational@kraaybeekechof.nl

Internet: www.demeter.net


(International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements)

E-mail: headoffice@ifoam.org

Internet: www.ifoam.org

International Chamber of Commerce

E-mail: webmaster@iccwbo.org

Internet: www.iccwbo.org

European Food safety Authority (EFSA)

Internet: www.efsa.eu.int


(United Nation Conference on Trade and Development)

E-mail: info@uncted.org

Internet: www.uncted.org

Contact point Eu ECO-label

(Commission of the European Communities)

E-mail: ecolabel@cec.int

Internet: www.europa.eu.int/ecolabel


(European retailers' organisation for the promotion of good agricultural practice)

E-mail: info@foodplus.org

Internet: www.eurep.org


(Online dirctory of buyers and sellers of organic products)

E-mail: info@greentrade.net

Internet: www.greentrade.net

Green Trade Net

(E-commerce of organic products)

E-mail: info@green-tradenet.de

Internet: www.green-tradenet.de

TransFair International

(air trade orgnisation)

E-mail: info@transfair.org

Internet: www.transfair.org


(contact point for organic certification)

E-mail: info@bcs-oeko.de

Internet: www.bcs-oeko.de


(contact point for organic certification)

E-mail: info@ecocert.de

Internet: www.ecocert.de

GTZ Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit

(GTZ) GmbH

(services enterprice for development cooperation)

E-mail: internet-team@gtz.de

Internet: www.gtz.de

Naturland Verband fur naturgemaBen Landbau e.V

(Germany's Naturland association for organic agriculture)

E-mail: naturland@naturland.de

Internet: naturland.de

contact point for organic certification)

E-mail: info@ecocert.de

Internet: www.ecocert.de


CBI's database on European non-tariff trade barriers

E-mail: accssguide@cbi.nl

Internet: www.cbi.nl/accessguide

The Ministry of Public Health, Welfare and Sports

(Netherlands food inspection service)

E-mail: ad@kvw.nl

Internet: www.keuringsdienstvanwaren.nl


(international operating organisation, inspecting and certifying sustainable agricultural production methods and products)

E-mail: info@skal.nl

Internet: www.skal.nl

Stichting Max Havelaar

(Max Havelaar Foundation, fair trade orgnisation)

E-mail: maxhelaar@maxhelaar.nl

Internet: www.maxhelaar.nl

Milieukeur Foundation

(Netherlands Ecolabel enquiry point)

E-mail: milieukeur@milieukeur.nl

Internet: www.milieukeur.nl

Soil Association

(IFOAM accredited contact point for organic certification)

E-mail: info@soilassociation.org

Internet: www.soilassociation.org