Karanish for Flowers
The Green House for dcor flower and garden tool
Ibn Elser for impo and expo
Khalid Abd Alla Ali
Mohamed Ahmed Kambali Trading Co.
Ramco Co.
Souam for Trade & Service Co.
Ibrahim Mohamed
Alanaam Trading Co.
Alshateby Cooling Store
Elhamdi for Cooling Store
The Modern Cold Store
Elezdihar for Trade & Invest Co.
Algaleb International Trade
Kalmengaro Co.
Alfatih Imam
Desai International Trade
Elbroug Co.
Gaps for Import & Export
Moustafa Ismail Osman
Abd Alla Alobeid Invest Co.
Adlan Mohamed Adlan
Africana Tea Packing
Ahmed Yousif Nema Elssid
Alamwag Aldafieh Co.Ltd.
Alamin Khalaf Alla Karar
Altakatuf Industries
Ali Elsayed Ali Mohamed
Almthahep Trading Co.
Elsayed Hag Alob
Balla Ali
Begininger Co.
Coffee Tea for Packing Coffee & Tea factory
Coffee Training Co Ltd.
Eldawami Co.
Elsayed Hag Elobeid Elawad
Embo International for Impo & Expo Co.
Hajab Commercial
khalid Elsayed Ali
Miman for Tea Packing & Powder Milk & Food Stuff Facto.
Mishkat Investment Co.ltd.
Mohamed Sadig Abd Alla
Mousa Al Eltayeb Ali
Mostafa Elobeid Elawad
Omer Ibrahim Mohamed
Repsta for Trade & Service Co.
Shelil for printing & Publication & Advert Co.
Sombay for Trade & Invest
Tarig Hassan Addlan & Brothers Trading
The Crane Invest & Trade Co.
Zilgo International Co.
Sudan Gezira Board
Sudanese Kuwaiti Animal Production Company