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Training Course in the field of

 "Management of Natural Pastures and Range Reserves''

Within the framework of the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development's interest in natural pastures and their importance in increasing production and contributing to the achievement of Arab food security, the AOAD launched on Monday the 27th till the 30th of November 2017 a National training Course on "Pasture and Range Reserves Management". The participants were 20 from the Ministry of Agriculture in Jordan.

The course aimed to build the participants' capacities, develop their skills in areas related to the management of pastoral resources and provide them with the concepts related to the field of integrated rangeland management. Also the course introduced them to the basics of the sustainable management of rangeland and pastoral reserves.

The training program also tackled topics on Range Reserves management and the problems that faces it and the land use in rangeland. As well as rangeland assessment, rangeland management, rangeland surveying and grazing methods.

The course focused on the most important terms and units for rangeland management and measurement of stocking rates. Also the basics and components of plant taxonomy and methods of estimating stocking rates.





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