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On Thursday the 12th of October 2017, H.E Dr. Ahmed Osman, Director of the Technical Department in (AFESD) received, H.E Prof. Ibrahim Adam El-Dukhiri, Director General of (AOAD), in the presence of a number of experts and technicians.

 Both sides evaluated the position of the Arab Program for "Combating Transboundary Animal Diseases", and the involvement of (AOAD) in preparing a unified Arab economic report (the section on agriculture in the Arab world). In addition, they discussed the study prepared by the International Expert House funded by (AFESD) in the framework of implementing the initiative of the Sudanese President Omar Hassan Ahmed Al-Bashir, and what can be done with regard to the projects of the International Experts study.

Dr. Ahmed commented on the background of H.E Prof El Dukhiri as a researcher and ex-Minister of Agriculture and to which extent it will play an important role in developing the work in the organization and support the agriculture sector in the Arab region.

 Furthermore, H.E Dr. Ahmed stated that the Fund is ready to assist the projects, inview of their relevance to improving the food security situation in the Arab region and achieving sustainable agricultural development. He pointed out the need to support applied research and researchers to improve productivity and raise the efficiency of the agriculture sector in the region.

H.E Prof El-Dukhiri thanked the Fund for its continuous support and its' joint Arab activities. He then gave an overview of the organization's programs, ongoing activities and the organizations' vision. He stated that priorities were rearranged and the work mechanisms were integrated, in order to create an investment atmosphere, encourage agricultural products trade, consider developing ecosystems and conserve the plant and animal genetic resources.

In conclusion, the (AOAD) presented a group of projects to the (AFESD), emphasizing the progress of agricultural statistics and the control of transboundary animal diseases, beside other related issues on the development of the agricultural sector in the Arab region.




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