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The D.G of AOAD presides a Coordinative Technical Meeting on Pest Control by using of Irradiation, Jordon, 23-24/10/2013.

Within the activities of the transboundary animal diseases (TADs) control program, included in the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development ( AOAD) action plan for the year 2013, the organization convened a coordinative technical meeting to develop a comprehensive vision for an Arab program on pest control by the use of irradiation techniques .

 The meeting was held in Amman during 23 to 24/10/2013 and was chaired by H.E Dr. Tariq al-Zadjali, the Director General of the Organization. The TADs control program aims at building capacities, qualifying personnel and improving the performance of the livestock sector in the targeted Arab countries through: specialized training, provision of technical support, rise of awareness about the operations of monitoring, control and eradication of pests by the use of sterile insect technique(SIT) .It further aims at increasing the output of the sector and improving its contribution to the GDP as well as improving the food security levels and public health standards in the region as a result of increased capability to produce farm and animal products that meet the international quality assurance standards. It also aims at enhancing the inter-Arab and regional cooperation and coordination in the area of control and eradication of pests by the adoption of new techniques such as the irradiation one.

AOAD has procured an irradiation station from RAD Source of America. Such station facilitates the production of millions of sterile insects within the Arab region thus saving time and effort. The station is being installed and operated at the Republic of Iraq. A well equipped laboratory is also available in Iraq to serve the Arab scientists, researchers and experts in the discipline in order to improve the economic contribution of the sector and secure an Arab expertise capable of managing and dealing with the pest insects that threaten the agricultural sector in the region.

The TADs control program is envisaged to achieve a number of objectives mainly: a qualified professional personnel to deal with the eradication of pests, preservation of plant and animal wealth, increase of production and productivity by means of highly effective pest control using (SIT) thus ridding the whole region from the eminent danger of spread of pests.

 The program is backed by a strong institutional infrastructure and a well trained cadre thus enhancing the other pest control programs. It is further supported by a well equipped training centre located in Iraq to serve the Arab scientists and researchers in the discipline.





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