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The Arab Organization for Agricultural Development (AOAD) organizes a training course on "Veterinary Health Care for Poultry Projects, Khartoum, Sudan.

The Arab Organization for Agricultural Development (AOAD) organized a training course on "Veterinary Health Care for Poultry Projects" at its Head Office in Khartoum, from 10- 14/11/2013. The course was attended by (13) Sudanese veterinarians, representing four Sudanese States namely: Khartoum, Algazeeirah, Sinar and River Nile States. The training course was organized under the components of The Arab Program for Agriculture and Fisheries Training.

H.E Dr. Tariq aldadjali ,The Director General of AOAD summarized the aims of the training Course in the preparation of qualified veterinary Doctors in the area of field diagnosis and veterinary to enable them to develop veterinary health care programs for poultry projects. He further outlined the course main topics as follows : Sources of poultry infections and means and methods of spreading of diseases , most important diseases and breeding problems that threaten the poultry industry, basics characteristics of chicken amtomy , protective methods and measurements for the control of poultry diseases, vaccines and vaccination programs in poultry projects, comparative field and laboratory diagnosis of poultry diseases and identification of bio-safety in poultry projects as well as the optimum use of veterinary vaccines.

The course has also included a practical aspect on how to perform chicken anatomy beside methods of laboratory diagnosis of poultry diseases.






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