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  Programs and Fields of work

In Algiers Summit (March 2005), the Arab leaders issued Resolution no. 314 which designates the AOAD General Assembly (Ministers of Agriculture) to prepare a strategy for sustainable Arab Agricultural Development for the Upcoming Two Decades.

On the 29th of March 2007, the Riyadh Arab Summit issued its Resolution (No. S.R.: 393 R.S. 19), which stipulates the following:

 1. Approval of the Strategy for Sustainable Arab Agricultural Development (2005- 2025) (separate document), Document No. C 03/79 (07/02)/05 D (0002)).

 2. Incorporating the Strategy for Sustainable Arab Agricultural Development (2005- 2025) as part of the Joint Strategy for Arab Economic and Social Action.

3. Calling on the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development to embark on implementing the Strategy for Sustainable Arab Agricultural Development in coordination and cooperation with all the concerned parties and to submit periodical reports to the Economic and Social Council on the progress of the implementation of the Strategy

1-The Main programme for Developing Appropriate Agricultural Technologies

1-1:The Sub-programme for Developing Technologies of Water Resources

1-2: The Sub-programme for Improving Plant Varieties and Animal Breeds in Arab Countries.

1-3:The Sub-programme for Improving Capacity-building, Agricultural Practices and Farming Systems

1-4:The Sub Programme for Developing Information and Communication Technologies

1-5:The Sub-programme for Developing Appropriate Fishery Resources Techniques

1-6:The Sub-programme for Developing Appropriate Techniques for Utlization of the Agricultural By- products

1-7:The Sub-programme for Developing Biotechnologies

2- The Main Programme for Encouraging Investment in Agriculture and Agro-industry in the Favourable Agricultural Environments

2-1:The Sub-programme for Promoting Investment Environment in Agriculture and Agro-industry .

2-2:The sub-programme for identifying and promoting investment opportunities in Agriculture

3-The Main Programme for Enhancing the Competitiveness of Arab Agricultural Products:

3-1: The Sub-programme for Developing Quality Standards and Specifications for the Agricultural Products in Arab Countries.

3-2: The Sub-programme for Facilitating the Inter-Arab Agricultural Trade

3-3:The Sub-programme for Monitoring and Follow-up of the International and Regional Changes and the Needed Adjustments

3-4:The sub-programme for enhancing Marketing Capabilities of small farmers

4-The Main Programme for Creating a Favourable Structure for Legislations and Policies

4-1:The Sub-programme for Coordinating Policies and Legislations Pertinent to Foreign Trade in Agricultural Products

4-2:The Sub-programme for Coordinating Agricultural Research Policies and Technology Transfer

4-3:The Sub-Programme for Coordination of Policies of Investment in Shared Resources:

4-4: The Sub-programme for Coordination of Investment Policies

4-5: The Sub-programme for Coordination of Policies Pertinent to Control of Trans-boundary Diseases and Epidemics

4-6: The Sub-programme for Coordination of Policies Related to Building Strategic Food Stocks

4-7: Sub-programme for coordination of policies of agricultural production Subsidy

4-8: The Sub-programme for Strengthening Capacities of the National Institutions in Areas of Analysis and Monitoring of Agricultural Policies

5- The Main Programme for Capacity-Building of Human Resources and Institutions

5-1:Sub-programme for Upgrading Skills in the Field of Policy Analysis, Negotiations and International Arbitration

5-2:The Sub-programme for Developing Agricultural Education and Vocational Training

5-3:The Sub-programme for Strengthening Capacities of the Specialized Agricultural Extension Institutions

5-4:The Sub-programme for Institutional Reform of Agricultural Sectors in the Arab Region

6- The Main Programme for Enhancing Rural Prosperity

6-1:The Sub-programme for Poverty Alleviation in Arab Rural Areas

6-2:The Sub-Programme for Strengthening the Role of Rural Women in Development

6-3:The Sub-programme for Creating Employment Opportunities in Rural Areas

6-4:The Sub-programme for Risk Reduction in Agriculture

7-The Main Programme for Development of Appropriate Management Systems for the Agricultural and Environmental Resources

7-1:The Sub-programme for Combating Desertification: Background and Objectives

7-2:The Sub-programme for Managing Threats and Natural Disasters: Background and Objectives

7-3:The Sub-programme for Conserving Genetic Resources and Hereditary Assets: Background and Objectives

7-4:The Sub-programme for Integrated Management of Water Resources

7-5:The Sub-programme for Organizing Management of Pastoral Resources and Forestry






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