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AOAD and Sudan Police force's Social Fund (SPFSF)  signs MOU

This Monday  28/3/2011 , AOAD and SPFSF signed a MOU to facilitate for cooperation in fields of aquaculture , fodder production , greenhouses agriculture, animal fattening and other related agricultural activities.The MOU was signed by H.E Dr. Tariq Al-Zadjali - Director-General  of AOAD and H.E Major General Abdullah M. Ahmed  Abudoumat- Director of SPSF Read More .....

D.G of  AOAD receives O.I.E  visiting delegation

H.E.  Dr. Tariq Al-Zadjali- Director –General of AOAD , received  at his office at the organization headquarters , on  Monday 28/3/2011, Dr. Ghazi Yehia , OIE regional representative for The Middle East , Mr. Tim Trevan , Executive Director, International Council for the  Life Science( ICLS) , Dr. Ahmed Bashir and Dr. Eltayeb A. Ali,  members of the  BBIC Steering Committee Read More .....

AOAD and The Ministry of Agriculture , Jordon, sign an agreement to construct an earth Dam at Al-Azraq.

On 25/12/2010 , H.E Dr. Tariq al-Zadjali- Director General of AOAD and H.E Dr. Taysir al-Samadi, Minister of Agriculture, Jordon , have concluded in Amman , an agreement for the construction of an  Earth Dam at al-Azraq district in the kingdom.The two-million capacity dam , known as 'Wadi al-Hurth Dam'  is planed to enhance the rainwater harvesting capabilities  of  Jordon for the sake of pastoralists , cattle herders as well as improving the flora of the region  Read More .....

Training course on " Diagnosis and Control of Poultry Diseases".

AOAD Arab Office for Animal Health has Organized a training course on  "Diagnosis and Control of Poultry Diseases" at the organization headquarters in Khartoum,  from 11-13/1/2011.The training course was aimed to build the capacity of  the  participating (20) Sudanese veterinary doctors who work in the   poultry industry,   on the  inspection

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AOAD Visits  The River Nile State  in Northern Sudan

Within the framework of the implementation of the first phase of the executive plan of the Arab Emergency Food Ssecurity Programme, H.E Dr. Tariq Al-Zadjali- The Director – General of The Arab Organization for Agricultural Development (AOAD) , accompanied by a high –level team of experts, visited Ad'damar , the Capital of The River Nile state on Thursday 12/1/2011, where he was received by  H.E. Lt General    Al-Hadi Abdullah Mohammed Al-Aawad   Read More .....

Saudi Veterinary Team  Visit AOAD Headquarters

A team of Saudi veterinary doctors , undergoing a training programme  with the Sudanese Ministry of Animal and Fisheries Wealth in the field of Camels , visited    the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development (AOAD) Headquarters in Khartoum on Tuesday 11/1/2011 where they called on H.E Dr Tariq al-Zadjali- The Director- General of the Organization  Read More .....

AOAD organizes a training course on Diagnosis  and Control of Farm Animal Parasites .

The Arab office for animal health of the Arab organization for agricultural development  has organized a training course on " diagnosis  and control of farm animal parasites  " at the Organization's  Headquarters in Khartoum,   from 10 -13  November 2011

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