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The Main Activities and Achievements of the Organization:

Over the years, the organization worked towards the general development of the Arab agricultural sector, including both plant and animal sub-sectors. It has done so through the implementation of numerous projects and activities, tailored to meet the various needs of that sector. These range from conducting studies and researches, capacity-building and improving performance, to the exchange of experience and viewpoints, the implementation of projects and providing consultation and emergency assistance.
The following are the achievements of the organization categorized subject wise:

Promotion of Food Commodities Production

A - Studies and Research:

AOAD undertook a number of national and regional studies in the domain of food production, as per the following summary:

- Study on the food economics (4 volumes) including: consumption, foreign trade, statistics, commodities production.
- Study on the future of food in the Arab countries (3 volumes) including: production, consumption, foreign trade.
- Program on Arab Food Security (8 volumes) including: strategy, natural resources, wheat and grain production, oil-seed crops, sugar crops, fishery development, farm animals and poultry and strategic food stocks.
- Master plans for developing milk production and processing, sugar crops and oil crops.
- Study on the food commodities demand in Arab region.
- Arab Food Security annual report.

B- Human Resources Development:

AOAD conducted a series of training courses, seminars, conferences and meetings at the regional and country levels. The main themes could be outlined as follows:-
- Improving main crops production and productivity.
- Control of plant pests and diseases.
- Improving production and productivity in animal and fishery sectors.
- Animal pests and diseases.
- Rural development.

C- Development Projects:
Numerous projects targeting improvement of productivity and food commodities development have been implemented at country level. The main aims of these activities include:
- Nurseries improvement and seedlings production.
- Development of horticultural crops.
- Bee keeping and honey production.
- Date palm improvement.
- Animal production.

Natural Resources development and Environment Protection:

A- Studies and Research:

- study on natural resources in Arab region.
- Agricultural environment Atlas : 15 Vol.
- Agricultural Climate studies : 20 Arab countries
- Comprehensive study on agricultural climate in Arab countries.
- Studies on Combating desertification in Arab countries.
- Rangeland development in Arab countries.
- Forestry resources in Arab countries.
- Rationalization of water use and development of water resources.

B- Human Resources Development:

various activities have been conducted in areas of natural resources and environment protection. The main themes include:
- Development and management of foredry resources and range.
- Application of remote sensing & GIS.
- Soil classification and land reclamation.
- Water use rationalization and improvement of irrigation efficiency.
- Management of agricultural information.

c- Development Projects:

a number of projects have been implemented in this field:
- Water harvesting and construction of water dikes.
- Improvement of irrigation methods.
- Water resources development.
- Use of solar energy in environmental protection.
- Environmental impact assessment of agricultural projects.
- Rationalization of irrigation water use and management.
- Reclamation of sandy soils.
- Assessment and evaluation of range resources.
- Improvement of forest nurseries.

Technology Development and supporting agricultural service institutions:

A- Studies and Research:
the main studies conducted include:
- Assessment of agricultural extension in Arab countries.
- Foreign trade of agricultural commodities in Arab countries.
- Marketing and storage of grains, live animals and meat in Arab countries.
- Feasibility study on production of veterinary drugs & vaccines in Arab countries.
- Unification of quarantine laws for import and export of live animals and animal products.
B- Human Resources Development:
AOAD conducted regional and national courses, seminars and meetings in this area. The main themes could be outlined as follows:
- Plant protection and control of pests and diseases.
- Plant and animal quarantines and production of vaccines.
- Seed propagation and production of seedlings.
- Artificial insemination.
- Tissue culture, Agricultural mechanization And Extension
- Agricultural research management and Food industries.
- Use of agro-meteorology and Remote Sensing and GIS.
- Rural development, marketing and agricultural integration.

C- Development Projects:

In this area the projects implemented cover the following topics:
- Developing plant and animal production technology.
-upporting veterinary quarantines.
- Production of seeds and seedlings.
- Artificial insemination.
- Solar energy applications.
- Improvement of animals breeds.
- Tissue culture.

Projection surveys and supporting agricultural statistics:

A- Studies and Research:
- Questionnaires to establish agricultural information databases.
- Annual agricultural statistics yearbook.
- Annual report on agricultural development in the Arab Region.
- Arab agricultural dictionary (16 volumes).
- Studies on Arab agricultural statistics.
- Agricultural information databases.
B- Human Resources Development :
- Agricultural Statistics and census.
- Information processing and services.
- Use of computers in agricultural statistics.
-Collection , preparation and analysis of data .
B- Development Projects :
A number of projects in this respect were implemented.

Monitoring of Economic Changes and Agricultural Policy Analysis:

A- Studies and Research:
- Assessing the impact of economic reforms and structural adjustment on agricultural sectors.
- Food economic trends in Arab countries.
- Agricultural policy in Arab countries.
- Progress of Arab agricultural coordination and integration.
- Agricultural investment in some Arab countries.
- Coordination of agricultural policies and programmes in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries (4 volumes).
- The Impact of Trade Liberalization on Arab agriculture
B- Human Resources Development;
- Preparation, monitoring, analysis and evaluation of agricultural projects.
- Agricultural investment and planning.
- Agricultural policy and marketing.
- AOAD has conducted a wide range of services to member countries upon their requests in the form of scientific consultancies and technical assistance.


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