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Every year the AOAD issues a large number of publications, reports, books, magazines and newsletters, in addition to the printed matter presented at seminars, conferences, training courses, project progress reports etc...
The following is a summary of the main publications issued periodically by AOAD:

The Arab Agricultural Statistics Yearbook:

Published annually since 1981, the Arab Agricultural Statistics Yearbook includes generic information as well as more specific country-by-country information. This information is provided by the official statistical sources in each member state. The publication includes issues such as:
- production of plant, animal, fish, and poultry;
- production of commodities, prices, foreign trade, and inputs used;
- balance of trade in general, and with regard to agriculture, food consumption and food gap.
- inter-Arab agricultural trade;

Annual Report on Arab Food Security:

Since 1988 AOAD publishes this annual report which reflects the annual change in agricultural production, foreign trade, consumption, and investment. It highlights the challenges facing the development of the region, and the efforts made to counter them, as a region and country-by-country. This includes the on-going programs and activities, as well as an analysis of agricultural policy.

Report on Agricultural Development in the Arab Countries:

As of 1991, a report on the development of agriculture in the Arab countries is issued annually. It includes agricultural development indicators for Arab agriculture, monitoring the economy, the resources, the environment, and biodiversity. It also includes socio-demographic indicators related to the development of the Arab agricultural sector. This report presents the major topics which affect agricultural development of the region.

Agriculture and Development Journal in the Arab Countries

The first issue of the Agriculture and Development Journal was issued in 1982. It was a quarterly publication which deals with Arab agricultural development issues.
It highlights the organization's activities in all fields and features the practical researches undertaken. Currently, and in accordance with the Development and Modernization Program of 2002, the Journal is published in Arabic on a bi-annual basis and distributed all over the Arab region and to different agricultural entities.


As of May 1993, the AOAD publishes a monthly newsletter in Arabic, which includes the main topics and activities undertaken within that month. The newsletter is also made available on the internet.

The Annual Report:

The annual report published includes pictures and other visuals which reflect the progress and quality of implementation of the organization's work plan, the development which took place in agriculture and food security, as well as the levels of coordination between AOAD and its counterparts.



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