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  Programs and Fields of work

According to the Development and Modernization Plan, approved by the General Assembly in its 27th session held in Abu Dhabi, April 28-30, 2002, AOAD will focus on nine programs and fields of work in the upcoming period. These were defined as a result of previous work experience, along with the knowledge of current priorities.
The nine programs are:

Natural Resources Development and Environmental Protection Program

This program entails gathering, sorting and analyzing information on the natural resources available in the Arab region in terms of water, land, forestry, and pastures. It promotes effective use of these resources and encourages Arab cooperation to abide by inter-Arab and international agreements for the protection of the environment and bio-diversity.

Food Security Program

This program concerns with matters related to food self-sufficiency, developing and modernizing commodities and rural industries.

Improvement of Agricultural Services, Technology Transfer and Adoption Program

This program focuses on the modernization of the main agricultural services, such as plant and animal quarantines, agricultural insurance, supporting plant referral laboratories, and so forth. In addition, this program encourages research, technology transfer and adoption capabilities with the aim of modernizing Arab agriculture.

Training and Capacity-building Program

This program aims to develop and enhance the technical capabilities of Arab cadres working in the field of agriculture, with particular emphasis on technology transfer and adoption. Another component of this program is to build the capacities of existing training centers and cooperate with renowned agricultural training centers in the region.

Technical and Scientific Cooperation Program

This program aims to improve cooperation between AOAD and the Arab, regional and international centers, authorities, and organizations. It also aims to encourage the publishing of researches in the field of agriculture, provide member states with emergency assistance and consultancies upon request.

Statistics, Information, Documentation and Publishing Program

This program focuses on the creation and management of an Arab Agricultural Information Network, as well as producing the following publications: the annual Arab Agricultural Statistical Yearbook, the annual Report on Agricultural Development in the Arab Region, the annual Arab Food Security Report, amongst others.

Strengthening the Establishment of the Arab Free Trade Zone Program

This program monitors the implementation process of the Arab Free Trade Zone program, in addition to related activities in support of the process such as: the Common Arab Agricultural Harvesting Calendar, and the implementation of the "Rules of Origin" system for Arab agricultural commodities and products. Another component of the program is to undertake specific studies related to the Arab Free Trade Zone and create relevant databases.

Agricultural Integration and Enhancement of the International Competitiveness of Arab Agricultural Products Program

This program supports the efforts leading to wider cooperation and integration between the Arab countries, particularly in the field of agricultural policies. It also encourages joint Arab investment projects, production and marketing projects, and encourages membership of Arab countries to the World Trade Organization.

Supporting Joint Development Projects Program

This program entails making all necessary arrangements for the preparation, implementation, supervision, and evaluation, of national or regional agricultural projects funded by AOAD or otherwise.


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